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    Wednesday, June 03, 2009

    EDA Standardization: The Next Wave Is Here!

    In one of my earlier posts (EDA Standards I'd Love To See) , I argued for a standard for interconnect extraction rule from that will be used by the extraction tool. I quote:

    "There are only so many things one expects to be present in an RC Deck. These values, much like in DRC decks, are constant for a given process. It can't be hard to develop a common extraction rules format. Vendors can still add value via the speed and accuracy of their RC estimation algorithms."

    TSMC has now developed a common RC extraction deck format called iRCX that can be used as the input for all RC extraction tools. The utopian promise: RC tools all support the same standard for rules and compete on accuracy and runtime. According the press release, this standard is the first of many to come (I' m expecting that DRC & LVS rule formats are next in line).