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    Thursday, June 12, 2008

    SNUG 2008 : Registrations Open

    In case you're a Synopsys customer in Bangalore, registration for SNUG2008 is now open. Why, Aditya, thank you for that perfectly selfless propagation of useful information with no ulterior motives....


    If you can, do try and attend my presentation (in the Synthesis & Test track) on the 10th of July.

    Register Cloning For Accelerated Design Closure

    Multiple technologies exist to achieve timing closure on critical paths. One such technology, clock skew optimization, changes the arrival of clock edges at the launch and sink registers to increase the effective clock period of the critical path. Standard clock skew optimization does not necessarily utilize the full slack available at the input of a register but only the amount required to resolve the setup violations on paths from the register. If clock skew optimization were to utilize the input slack to the fullest extent towards have a large setup slack on the erstwhile critical path, it could accelerate setup timing closure by letting the tool concentrate on other paths in the design. However, the process could also introduce a large number of hold violations on other paths from the register with low hold slack due to the early launch of data. By having separate clone registers for setup and hold paths, one can fully utilize the input slack to launch registers for accelerating timing closure while limiting resultant hold violations. Since cloned registers are exact copies of the original register, the impact of register cloning on verification and ECO methodology effort is minimized. In this paper, a methodology will be presented to identify cloning candidates, insert clone registers and verify the final design against the un-cloned input.

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